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News in brief - Oct. 12, 2009.(Business)
October 12, 2009 ... News in brief - Oct. 12, 2009 Extortion attempt against Express Scripts confirmed The pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts was notified by the FBI that an alleged extortion revealed more than a year ago is, indeed, a legitimate...

Oct. 12, 2009. How to code, bill for H1N1 flu vaccine.(Business)(Practice Management)
October 12, 2009 ... Byline: Victoria Stagg Elliott, AMNews staff. Vaccines that provide protection against influenza A(H1N1) are being provided free by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and new Current Procedural Terminology codes have been...

Oct. 12, 2009. Social media behavior could threaten your reputation, job prospects.(Business)(Survey)
October 12, 2009 ... Byline: Pamela Lewis Dolan, AMNews staff. The social networking tools that help keep medical students in touch with friends and family could end up being the reason they someday have a hard time finding the job they want. A study in...

Oct. 12, 2009. Retail clinics expanding services more than locations.(Business)
October 12, 2009 ... Byline: Pamela Lewis Dolan, AMNews staff. Retail clinic operators want potential patients to know that they do more than treat the common cold and administer flu shots. In recent months clinics have announced the addition of several...

Oct. 12, 2009. Physician pay cuts on horizon at Michigan Blues?(Business)(Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan Inc.)(Financial report)
October 12, 2009 ... Byline: Emily Berry, AMNews staff. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan sees no end to the string of its financial losses, and that could mean an eventual cut in payment to physicians. But state regulators are criticizing the plan for using...