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Illegal Immigration Ignites European Tempers.(Italy accuses Albania of making little effort to halt illegal immigration)(Brief Article)
October 1, 2000 ... In late July, a collision in the Strait of Otranto between an Italian border patrol boat and an Albanian speedboat carrying illegal immigrants to the coast of Italy resulted in the deaths of two policemen and two immigrants [see "Europe's...

Suddeutsche Zeitung.(Germany)(Brief Article)
October 1, 2000 ... MUNICH Suddeutsche Zeitung (centrist), Aug. 21: Today, the greatest problem in the United States is...legitimized political corruption. The shamelessness with which politicians accepted money from big business and lobbyists tried to buy...

L'Unita's Demise.(Italy)(Brief Article)
October 1, 2000 ... It felt to many as if an old friend had died. Rome's L'Unita, the newspaper that served as the bible of the Italian left and the official mouthpiece of the largest Communist Party in the West, announced its closure in early August. Many...

Kommersant.(Russia)(Brief Article)
October 1, 2000 ... MOSCOW Kommersant (business-oriented), Aug. 17: Experience shows that you can fight terrorists successfully without naming the criminals. But you can't be a success in a rescue operation unless you rescue people. Someone must answer for the...

Press Freedom Rout.(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei bans freedom of the press legislation, and shuts down Iran's leading reformist newspaper)(Brief Article)
October 1, 2000 ... Like a champion matador vanquishing an unruly bull, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, struck a damaging blow to Iran's reformist press in a parliamentary hearing on Aug. 6. With cautious optimism, the reformist majority of Iran's...