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Disclosure obligations under the federal securities laws in government investigations.
August 1, 2009 ... With the prevalence of government investigations into corporate conduct, public companies frequently face decisions about whether, when, how, and where to disclose to investors the existence of such investigations and the facts learned in the...

Contracting to avoid extra-contractual liability - can your contractual deal ever really be the "entire" deal?
August 1, 2009 ... Although business lawyers frequently incorporate well-defined liability limitations in the written agreements that they negotiate and draft on behalf of their corporate clients, contracting parties that are dissatisfied with the deal embodied...

Business successors and the transpositional attorney-client relationship.
August 1, 2009 ... This Article focuses on the potential right of a business successor to assert various elements of a predecessor's attorney-client relationship and the implications to practitioners of a successor's ability to do so. An attorney-client...

Gheewalla and the director's dilemma.
August 1, 2009 ... Did North American Catholic Education Programming Foundation, Inc. v. Gheewalla change anything? The Delaware Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that corporate directors owe no direct fiduciary duty to creditors in insolvency, but the bar seems to...

Are corporate officers advised about fiduciary duties?
August 1, 2009 ... This Article reports the results of an empirical study of whether and how in-house corporate counsel advise corporate officers about fiduciary duties. The fiduciary duties of officers long have been neglected by courts, scholars, and lawyers,...