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Film Adaptation: Since the Dawn of the Movies, Filmmakers Have Grappled with the Techniques of Visual Storytelling
November 1, 2016 ... "Swiftly outgrowing the black and white silence of its flickering infancy, the motion picture has within a morsel of time found its tongue and garbed itself in robes of many colors. And now William Fox, far-seeing showman, announces Grandeur...

From the Editor
November 1, 2016 ... Industrial policy has "a long and divisive history," David Rotman writes in "Capitalism Behaving Badly" (page 96). If by crafting industrial policies government's purpose has been to direct "innovation and growth to achieve a desired objective,"...

Letters and Comments
November 1, 2016 ... MIT Technology Review Volume 119, Number 5 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Give Al a Little Bit of Credit, Please Will Knight's "AI's Language Problem" is more or less a call to action to anybody (like me) who works in artificial intelligence. It's...

Twitter Votes: Reactions to Our Stories on Google's Tango, Artificial Intelligence, Coal, and Nuclear Power
November 1, 2016 ... New programs like Google's Tango will make augmented reality more widespread. What would you use AR for? 54% Work-related stuff 26% Games, like Pokemon Go 20% Interior design Note: Table made from bar graph. What form of artificial...

Deep Driving: A Revolutionary Al Technique Is about to Transform the Self-Driving Car
November 1, 2016 ... When the Google self-driving-car project began about a decade ago, the company made a strategic decision to build its technology on expensive lidar and detailed mapping. Even today, Google's self-driving technology still relies on those two...