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New periodical/database SIG approved.(SIGs)(American Society for Indexing Special Interest Group)(Brief article)
October 1, 2008 ... The Periodical/Database SIG is happy to report that at the ASI board meeting in May 2008 this SIG was also approved as an official ASI Special Interest Group. We now have 42 members in our Yahoo discussion group and are working on getting...

Interview with Seth Earley, CEO of Earley & Associates.(EDITOR'S FILE)(chief executive officer)(Interview)
October 1, 2008 ... I keep a close eye on the various indexing discussion lists for topics that I think would be of both interest and value to our members, and earlier this spring I saw a notice for a series of teleconferences on taxonomy. I contacted the...

Sharing the glory.(FEATURE ARTICLE)
October 1, 2008 ... When I told my friend Nancy Mills, of Pie in the Sky Publishing in Denver, that I was taking up a career in indexing, I braced for a great guffaw. Instead, she clapped her hands and said, "That's just wonderful!" I said, "It is?"...

From the editor of The Indexer.(International News)
October 1, 2008 ... When I last wrote, in June of this year, the June issue of The Indexer was with the printers and I was beginning to put together material for September. Now it is the September issue which is at the printers and the December issue I'm...

Ergonomics and indexing.(FEATURE ARTICLE)
October 1, 2008 ... You know the feeling. It's the one you get at the end of a long and intense text-entry session. You drop your hands from the keyboard, lean back, take a deep breath, and--OW!! A flare of pain spreads across your upper back. What IS...