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Jockeying For Position.(Grass Valley)(InfoComm)
May 1, 2005 ... Byline: David Johnson, editorial director/associate publisher THE ANNOUNCEMENT IN MAY THAT GRASS VALLEY, THE THOMSON subsidiary that specializes in high-end film and TV gear, had entered the pro A/V market with its Turbo intelligent disk...

May 1, 2005 ... In keeping with the needs of an expanding industry, The Broadway Lighting Master Classes and Broadway Sound Master Classes have morphed into The Entertainment Design Master Classes and expanded to include the first-ever Projection Master...

WHO WHAT WHERE.(Brief Article)
May 1, 2005 ... NEC Solutions (America), Inc., Visual Systems Division (VSD) announced that Maureen Schmidt has been promoted to senior director of North American sales. Previously, she was the director of sales for the distribution channel. (

Redmoon Rising.(Redmoon Theater )
May 1, 2005 ... Byline: DAVI NAPOLEON THOSE WHO WALKED THE RED carpet at the Academy Awards in February had nothing on folks who attended a fundraiser for the Redmoon Theater in Chicago two evenings earlier. Guests strolled through a...

VIDEO AT THE MOVIES.(77th Annual Academy Awards )
May 1, 2005 ... Byline: Matt Hurwitz As a World War II era warplane flies 76ft. over his head, director Martin Scorsese looks up with a smile. No, he's not on the outdoor set of his hit film, The Aviator. In fact, the plane he's...