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'Race', religion and riots: the 'racialization' of communal identity and conflict in India.
October 1, 2004 ... The possibility that the current Indian Hindu-Muslim or upper versus lower-caste conflict may be, in a significant sense, a variant of a modern problem of 'ethnicity' or 'race' is seldom entertained ... "racism' is thought of as something the...

Organizations, self-identities and the new economy.(Work, Organizations and Identity)
October 1, 2004 ... Introduction During the course of the last hundred years, the economic power of commercial organizations has become enormously concentrated: the US Institute for Policy Studies, for example, estimates that the Top 200 corporations...

Immigrant entrepreneurship in the Swedish welfare state.(Work, Organizations and Identity)
October 1, 2004 ... The welfare state is decisive both for the types of immigration regimes and for how a given country deals with integration of newcomers, or in the words of Bommes and Geddes: National welfare states can be viewed as political filters...

Commanding materials: (re)legitimating authority in the context of multi-disciplinary work.(Work, Organizations and Identity)
October 1, 2004 ... Introduction Issues of participation and legitimation are often assumed to be fully reflected in the contemporary preoccupation with the 'power' of talk. Drawing on an ethnography of multi-disciplinary work in hospitals, this article...

Working at Webboyz: an analysis of control over the software development labour process.(Work, Organizations and Identity)
October 1, 2004 ... Introduction Beirne et al. (1998: 142) suggest that, 'the nature of the work performed in producing ... software should be a matter of great curiosity to labour process analysis'. This is the case as software developers are often seen as...