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The Fate of FitNews: Just Two Issues Left
March 1, 2017 ... On the Back Page of the Nov/Dec 2016 issue, executive director Dave Watt announced big changes ahead for the American Running Association (and its professional medical arm, AMAA). At that time, details were still being sorted out; now the ARA is...

Beach Umbrellas Not Enough to Protect against Sun
March 1, 2017 ... As beach season approaches, a useful and somewhat counterintuitive new study published in JAMA Dermatology is worth keeping in mind. To explore the effects of sun exposure on people using different forms of protection, the study randomized 80...

Check Yourself for Skin Cancer
March 1, 2017 ... Even if you are diligent about applying sunscreen and wearing protective hats and clothing outside, it may not be enough. A regular head-to-toe self-exam can help detect early signs of skin cancer. By checking your skin regularly, you'll learn...

A Look at Some Effective Home Remedies
March 1, 2017 ... It's probably a safe bet that most readers of Running & FitNews are big fans of evidence-based medicine that deploys well tested treatments shown to be effective through randomized clinical trials. Still, this is not to say that certain home...

Can We Stave off the Age of WALL-E?
March 1, 2017 ... In the cheerful but distinctly cautionary 2008 Pixarfilm WALL-E, the slide into widespread, morbid levels of human adiposity is complete. The movie depicts a distant future in which the best our atrophied species can do is ride around in powered...