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1 N. State Street, Chicago

Located in downtown Chicago, HighBeam Business is the premier business content provider from Cengage Learning, the leading producer of innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions for the professional, library, and academic markets worldwide.

We develop our products with a focus on making it faster and easier for business professionals to get the relevant, high-quality results they need. Identifying the right business information to uncover opportunity and discover trends can be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. We aim to empower users to have better business conversations and presentations, faster.

Why HighBeam Business

Top-performing companies focus their teams on strategic tasks. This includes identifying key topics and opportunities that open doors and win business. HighBeam Business provides professionals with tools to identify key business information, enabling them to make more informed business decisions, create better presentations, identify new opportunities, increase revenues, and close sales. Our solutions combine premium content, including detailed industry reports, company profiles, contact information, and millions of articles from over 8,000 publications.

HighBeam Business provides time-saving tools that enable your teams to:

  • Easily access premium articles and reports
  • Save and organize contents by project or client
  • Set up email alerts to track new developments
Sarah uses HighBeam Business to identify sales triggers, uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, improve company performance, and follow emerging areas of innovation.

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