PPI Detailed Report

Data Collection

PPIs are constructed using selling prices reported by establishments of all sizes, selected by probability sampling, with the probability of selection proportionate to size. Individual items and transaction terms also are chosen by probability proportionate to size. BLS strongly encourages cooperating companies to supply actual transaction prices at the time of shipment to minimize the use of list prices. Prices submitted by survey respondents are effective on the Tuesday of the week containing the 13th day of the month. The survey is conducted via Internet, mail, and fax.

Price data are provided on a voluntary and confidential basis; only sworn BLS employees are allowed access to individual company price reports. BLS publishes price indexes instead of actual prices. All PPIs are subject to revision 4 months after original publication to reflect the availability of late reports and corrections by respondents.

BLS periodically updates the PPI sample of survey respondents to better reflect current conditions when the structure, membership, technology, or product mix of an industry shifts significantly and to spread reporting burden among smaller firms. …

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