PPI Detailed Report

Table 5. Producer price indexes for the net output of selected industries and their products, not seasonally adjusted.(Part 4)(Statistical table)

 Table 5. Producer price indexes for the net output of selected industries and their products, not seasonally adjusted        Industry and product (1)          Industry    Product code                                         code  Beer, wine, and liquor stores           44531  Beer, wine, and liquor stores           445310   Primary services                                  445310-P     Beer, wine, and liquor store       services                                      445310-1  Health and personal care stores         446  Health and personal care stores         4461  Pharmacies and drug stores              44611  Pharmacies and drug stores              446110   Primary services                                  446110-P     Sales of prescription drugs                     446110-1     Sales of over-the-counter drugs       and all other goods                           446110-4       Sales of over-the-counter drugs               446110-41       Sales of all other goods                      446110-42  Optical goods stores                    44613  Optical goods stores                    446130   Primary services                                  446130-P     Optical goods store services                    446130-1  Food (health) supplement stores         446191   Primary services                                  446191-P     Food (health) supplement store       services                                      446191-1  Gasoline stations                       447  Gasoline stations                       4471  Gasoline stations with convenience   stores                                44711  Gasoline stations with convenience   stores                                447110   Primary services                                  447110-P     Gasoline stations with       convenience store services                    447110-1  Other gasoline stations                 44719  Other gasoline stations                 447190   Primary services                                  447190-P     Other gasoline station services                 447190-1  Clothing and clothing accessories   stores                                448  Clothing stores                         4481  Men's clothing stores                   44811  Men's clothing stores                   448110   Primary services                                  448110-P     Men's clothing store services                   448110-1  Women's clothing stores                 44812  Women's clothing stores                 448120   Primary services                                  448120-P     Women's clothing store services                 448120-1  Family clothing stores                  44814  Family clothing stores                  448140   Primary services                                  448140-P     Family clothing store services                  448140-1  Shoe stores                             4482  Shoe stores                             44821  Shoe stores                             448210   Primary services                                  448210-P     Shoe store services                             448210-1  Jewelry, luggage and leather goods   stores                                4483  Jewelry stores                          44831  Jewelry stores                          448310   Primary services                                  448310-P     Jewelry store services                          448310-1  Luggage and leather goods stores        44832  Luggage and leather goods stores        448320   Primary services                                  448320-P     Luggage and leather goods store       services                                      448320-1  Sporting goods, hobby, book and   music stores                          451  Sporting goods/hobby/musical   instrument stores                     4511  Sporting goods stores                   45111  Sporting goods stores                   451110   Primary services                                  451110-P     Sporting goods store services                   451110-1  Hobby, toy and game stores              45112  Hobby, toy, and game stores             451120   Primary services                                  451120-P     Hobby, toy, and game store       services                                      451120-1  Sewing, needlework and piece goods   stores                                45113  Sewing, needlework, and piece goods   stores                                451130   Primary services                                  451130-P     Sewing, needlework, and piece       goods store services                          451130-1  Book, periodical and music stores       4512  Book stores and news dealers            45121  Book stores                             451211   Primary services                                  451211-P     Book store services                             451211-1  Prerecorded tape, CD and record   stores                                45122  Prerecorded tape, CD, and record   stores                                451220   Primary services                                  451220-P     Prerecorded tape, CD, and record       store services                                451220-1  General merchandise stores              452  Department stores                       4521   Other receipts                                    452112-SM  Department stores                       45211  Department stores, except discount      452111   Primary services                                  452111-P     Department store services, ex-       cept discount department store                452111-1  Discount department stores              452112   Primary services                                  452112-P     Discount department store       services                                      452112-1  Other general merchandise stores        4529  Other general merchandise stores        452900   Primary services                                  452900-P     Other general merchandise store         services                                    452900-1       Warehouse clubs and         supercenters                                452900-11       All other general merchandise         stores                                      452900-12  Florists                                4531  Florists                                45311  Florists                                453110   Primary services                                  453110-P     Florist services                                453110-1  Office supplies, stationery and   gift stores                           4532  Office supplies and stationery stores   45321  Office supplies and stationery stores   453210   Primary services                                  453210-P     Office supplies and stationery       store services                                453210-1  Gift, novelty and souvenir stores       45322  Gift, novelty, and souvenir stores      453220   Primary services                                  453220-P     Gift, novelty, and souvenir       store services                                453220-1  Manufactured (mobile) home dealers      45393  Manufactured (mobile) home dealers      453930   Primary services                                  453930-P     Manufactured (mobile) home       dealer services                               453930-1  Nonstore retailers                      454  Electronic shopping and mail-order   houses                                454110   Primary services                                  454110-P     Electronic shopping and mail-       order house services                          454110-1  Vending machine operators               4542  Vending machine operators               45421  Vending machine operators               454210   Primary services                                  454210-P     Vending machine operator services               454210-1  Fuel dealers                            45431  Fuel dealers                            454310   Primary services                                  454310-P     Fuel dealer services                            454310-1   Other receipts                                    454310-SM  Air transportation                      481  Scheduled air transportation            4811  Scheduled air transportation            48111  Scheduled passenger air   transportation                        481111   Primary services                                  481111-P     Domestic                                        481111-1       First class, including business               481111-101       Coach                                         481111-102     International                                   481111-2  Scheduled freight air transportation    481112   Primary services                                  481112-P     Freight                                         481112-1     Mail                                            481112-2   Other receipts                                    481112-SM  Nonscheduled air transportation         4812  Nonscheduled air transportation         48121  Nonscheduled air passenger   chartering                            481211   Primary services                                  481211-P     Domestic nonscheduled passenger       services                                      481211-1     International nonscheduled       passenger services                            481211-2   Other receipts                                    481211-SM  Nonscheduled air freight chartering     481212   Primary services                                  481212-P     Domestic nonscheduled freight       services                                      481212-1     International nonscheduled       freight services                              481212-2   Other receipts                                    481212-SM  Rail transportation                     482  Rail transportation                     4821  Rail transportation                     48211  Line-haul railroads                     482111   Primary services                                  482111-P     Rail transportation, freight       (Carload)                                     482111-1     Rail transportation, freight       (Intermodal)                                  482111-2     Rail transportation, passenger                  482111-3       Coach service class                           482111-306       All other service classes                     482111-307  Water transportation                    483  Deep sea freight transportation         483111   Primary services                                  483111-P     Deep sea freight transportation                 483111-5  Coastal and Great Lakes freight     transport                           483113   Primary services                                  483113-P     Coastal and intercoastal freight       transportation                                483113-1     Great Lakes - St. Lawrence       Seaway freight transportation                 483113-2     Coastal and intercoastal towing       transportation                                483113-3   Other receipts                                    483113-SM  Inland water transportation             4832  Inland water transportation             48321  Inland water freight transportation     483211   Primary services                                  483211-P     Inland waterways freight       transportation (except towing)                483211-1     Inland waterways towing                         483211-2       transportation   Other receipts                                    483211-SM  Truck transportation                    484  General freight trucking                4841  General freight trucking, local         48411  General freight trucking, local         484110   Primary services                                  484110-P     General freight trucking, local                 484110-1   Other receipts                                    484110-SM  General freight trucking,   long-distance                         48412  General freight trucking,   long-distance, TL                     484121   Primary services                                  484121-P     General freight trucking,                       484121-2       long-distance, truckload   Other receipts                                    484121-SM  General freight trucking,               484122   long-distance, LTL   Primary services                                  484122-P     General freight trucking,       long-distance, less than       truckload                                     484122-1   Other receipts                                    484122-SM  Specialized freight trucking            4842  Used household and office goods   moving                                48421  Used household and office goods   moving                                484210   Primary services                                  484210-P     Used household and office goods       moving, except local                          484210-2     Used household and office goods       moving, local                                 484210-4   Other receipts                                    484210-SM  Specialized frgt (exc used)   trucking, local                       48422  Other specialized trucking, local       484220   Primary services                                  484220-P     Specialized freight (except       used goods) trucking, local                   484220-3   Other receipts                                    484220-SM  Specialized frgt (exc used)   trucking, ldist                       48423  Other specialized trucking,   long-distance                         484230   Primary services                                  484230-P     Specialized freight (except       used goods) trucking,       long-distance                                 484230-6   Other receipts                                    484230-SM  Pipeline transportation of crude oil    4861  Pipeline transportation of crude oil    48611  Pipeline transportation of crude oil    486110   Primary services                                  486110-P     Pipeline transportation of       crude oil                                     486110-3     Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System       transportation                                486110-311     Pipeline transportation of crude       petroleum, except on the       TAPS                                          486110-312   Other receipts                                    486110-SM  Other pipeline transportation           4869  Pipeline trans of ref petroleum   products                              48691  Refined petroleum product pipeline   transport                             486910   Primary services                                  486910-P     Pipeline transportation of       refined petroleum products                    486910-1  Transportation support activities       488  Air transportation support   activities                            4881  Airport operations                      48811  Other airport operations                488119   Primary services                                  488119-P     Lease space for concessions                     488119-1     Other airport services                          488119-4   Other receipts                                    488119-SM  Other air transportation support   activities                            48819  Other support activities for air        488190   transport   Primary services                                  488190-P     Other air transportation       support activities                            488190-5   Other receipts                                    488190-SM  Water transportation support   activities                            4883  Port and harbor operations              48831  Port and harbor operations              488310   Primary services                                  488310-P     Port and harbor services                        488310-1  Marine cargo handling                   48832  Marine cargo handling                   488320   Primary services                                  488320-P     Movement of containers                          488320-8     Other marine cargo handling                     488320-9   Other receipts                                    488320-SM  Navigational services to shipping       48833  Navigational services to shipping       488330   Primary services                                  488330-P     Navigational services to       shipping and salvage                          488330-1  Freight transportation arrangement      4885  Freight transportation arrangement      48851  Freight transportation arrangement      488510   Primary services                                  488510-P     Freight forwarding                              488510-1     Arrangement of freight and       cargo n.e.c.                                  488510-2  Postal service                          491  Postal service                          4911  Postal service                          49111  Postal service                          491110   Primary services                                  491110-P     First class mail                                491110-1       Letter mail                                   491110-111       Post cards                                    491110-112       Priority mail                                 491110-113     Periodicals (second class mail)                 491110-2       In county mail                                491110-211       Regular rate mail                             491110-212       Nonprofit rate mail                           491110-213       Classroom rate mail                           491110-214       Periodical mailing fees                       491110-299     Standard class A (third class       mail)                                         491110-3       Regular bulk mail                             491110-312       Nonprofit bulk mail                           491110-313       Standard class A mailing fees                 491110-399     Standard class B (fourth class       mail)                                         491110-4       Parcel post                                   491110-411       Bound printed matter                          491110-412       Special rate mail                             491110-413       Library rate mail                             491110-414     International mail                              491110-5       International air mail                        491110-511       International surface mail                    491110-512     Special services and fees                       491110-6       Special services                              491110-611       Domestic mail fees                            491110-612       Other services and fees                       491110-613       Express mail                                  491110-912  Couriers and messengers                 492  Couriers                                4921  Couriers                                49211  Couriers                                492110   Primary services                                  492110-P     Standard courier services                       492110-1     Expedited courier services                      492110-2       Domestic expedited courier         services                                    492110-201       International expedited         courier services                            492110-202   Other receipts                                    492110-SM  Local messengers and local delivery     4922  Local messengers and local delivery     49221  Local messengers and local delivery     492210   Primary services                                  492210-P     Local messengers and local       delivery services                             492210-1  Warehousing and storage                 493  Warehousing and storage                 4931  General warehousing and storage         49311  General warehousing and storage         493110   Primary services                                  493110-P     General warehousing and storage                 493110-1   Other receipts                                    493110-SM  Refrigerated warehousing and storage    49312  Refrigerated warehousing and storage    493120   Primary services                                  493120-P     Warehousing and storage of       refrigerated goods                            493120-2     Other receipts                                  493120-SM  Farm product warehousing and storage    49313  Farm product warehousing and storage    493130   Primary services                                  493130-P     Warehousing and storage of       cotton, wool, and mohair                      493130-3     Warehousing and storage of                      493130-4       other farm products   Other receipts                                    493130-SM  Publishing industries, except   Internet                              511  Newspaper, book, and directory   publishers                            5111  Newspaper publishers                    51111  Newspaper publishers                    511110   Primary services                                  511110-P     Daily and Sunday newspaper       subscriptions and single copy       sales                                         511110-1     Daily and Sunday newspaper       advertising sales                             511110-2     Weekly and other newspaper       subscriptions and single       copy sales                                    511110-3     Weekly and other newspaper       advertising sales                             511110-4   Other receipts                                    511110-SM  Periodical publishers                   51112  Periodical publishers                   511120   Primary services                                  511120-P     General and consumer       periodicals, subscriptions       and single copy sales                         511120-A     Specialized business and prof       periodicals, subscriptions and       single copy sales                             511120-3     Specialized business and prof       periodicals, advertising                      511120-4     General and consumer       periodicals, advertising                      511120-6     Other periodicals, including       advertising periodicals, nec                  511120-9   Other receipts                                    511120-SM  Book publishers                         51113  Book publishers                         511130   Primary services                                  511130-P     General adult and juvenile book       publishing                                    511130-E       General adult book publishing                 511130-E1       Juvenile book publishing                      511130-E2     Textbook publishing, including       teachers' editions and       workbooks                                     511130-1       College textbook publishing                   511130-1C       Elementary and high school         textbook publishing                         511130-1D     Technical, scientific, and       professional book publishing                  511130-3     Religious book publishing                       511130-4     General reference book       publishing                                    511130-7   Other receipts                                    511130-SM  Directory and mailing list   publishers                            51114  Directory and mailing list   publishers                            511140   Primary services                                  511140-P     Telephone directory publishing                  511140-1     Catalog and directory (except       telephone directory)       publishing                                    511140-2     Business service publication       publishing, excluding       directories and newsletters                   511140-3     Other directory and mailing list       publishing                                    511140-4  Other publishers                        51119  Greeting card publishers                511191   Primary services                                  511191-P     Greeting card publishing                        511191-3   Other receipts                                    511191-SM  All other publishers                    511199   Primary services                                  511199-P     Other miscellaneous publishing                  511199-5       Calendar, yearbook, and other         miscellaneous publishing                    511199-5399   Other receipts                                    511199-SM  Software publishers                     5112  Software publishers                     51121  Software publishers                     511210   Primary services                                  511210-P     Software publishing, except       games                                         511210-5       Application software         publishing                                  511210-502         Desktop and portable device           application software           publishing                                511210-50201         Other application software           publishing                                511210-50202       Technical support, training,         and other services related         to software publishing                      511210-503     Game software publishing                        511210-6   Other receipts                                    511210-SM  Broadcasting, except Internet           515  Radio and television broadcasting       5151  Radio broadcasting                      51511  Radio networks                          515111   Primary services                                  515111-P     Radio network and national       syndication time sales and       other services                                515111-1  Radio stations                          515112   Primary services                                  515112-P     Radio station time sales                        515112-1       Local radio station time sales                515112-101       National and regional radio         station time sales                          515112-102     Other receipts                                  515112-SM  Television broadcasting                 51512  Television broadcasting                 515120   Primary services                                  515120-P     Television advertising sales                    515120-3     Network compensation and other       television broadcasting       services                                      515120-4   Other receipts                                    515120-SM  Cable networks                          5152  Cable networks                          51521  Cable and other subscription   programming                           515210   Primary services                                  515210-P     Cable network advertising       services                                      515210-1     Cable network affiliate services                515210-2  Telecommunications                      517  Wired telecommunications carriers       5171  Wired telecommunications carriers       51711  Wired telecommunications carriers       517110   Primary products                                  517110-P     Local service, except private                   517110-1       lines       Residence local service                       517110-111       Business local service                        517110-112       Coin local service                            517110-113       Other local service                           517110-114     Public switched toll service                    517110-2       Residence switched toll           service                                   517110-21         Intrastate residence           switched toll service                     517110-211         Interstate residence           switched toll service                     517110-212         International residence           switched toll service                     517110-213       Business switched toll service                517110-22         Business switched access           toll service                              517110-221           Outbound business switched             access toll service                     517110-2211             Intrastate business               switched access toll               service, outbound                     517110-22111             Interstate business               switched access toll               service, outbound                     517110-22112             International business               switched access toll               service, outbound                     517110-22113           Inbound business switched              access toll service                    517110-2212              Intrastate business                switched access toll                service, inbound                     517110-22121              Interstate business                switched access toll                service, inbound                     517110-22122              International business                switched access toll                service, inbound                     517110-22123           Business special access             switched toll service,             except private lines                    517110-222             Outbound business               special access               switched toll service                 517110-2221               Intrastate business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, outbound                   517110-22211               Interstate business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, outbound                   517110-22212               International business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, outbound                   517110-22213             Inbound business special               access switched toll               service                               517110-2222               Intrastate business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, inbound                    517110-22221               Interstate business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, inbound                    517110-22222               International business                 special access                 switched toll                 service, inbound                    517110-22223             Other toll service                      517110-29       Private line service                          517110-3         Intrastate private line           service                                   517110-31       Other telephone services                      517110-9  Wireless telecommunications carriers    5172  Wireless telecommunications carriers    51721  Paging                                  517211   Primary services                                  517211-P     Paging                                          517211-1  Cellular and other wireless carriers    517212   Primary services                                  517212-P     Cellular and other wireless       telecommunications                            517212-1  Cable and other program distribution    5175  Cable and other program distribution    51751  Cable and other program distribution    517510   Primary services                                  517510-P     Cable and satellite subscriber                  517510-1       services     Local cable system advertising                  517510-2       services   Other receipts                                    517510-SM  ISPs and Web search portals             5181  ISPs and Web search portals             51811  Internet service providers              518111   Primary services                                  518111-P     Dial-up and asymmetric DSL       Internet access                               518111-1     Leased line and symmetric DSL       Internet access                               518111-2     Other Internet access and       related services                              518111-3   Other receipts                                    518111-SM  Web search portals                      518112   Primary services                                  518112-P     Web search portal services                      518112-1  Data processing and related   services                              5182  Data processing and related   services                              51821  Data processing and related   services                              518210   Primary services                                  518210-P     Business process management       services                                      518210-1     Data management and storage,       information transformation       and other services                            518210-4     Hosting, ASP and other IT       infrastructure provisioning       services                                      518210-5   Other receipts                                    518210-SM  Depository credit intermediation        5221  Commercial banking                      52211  Commercial banking                      522110   Primary services                                  522110-P     Loan services                                   522110-1       Residential real estate         loans, except home equity                   522110-101       Nonresidential real estate         loans                                       522110-102       Home equity loans                             522110-103       Commercial, industrial, and         agricultural loans, except         real estate                                 522110-105       New and used auto and truck         loans                                       522110-106       Credit cards, overdraft         credit, and related plans                   522110-107       Other loan services                           522110-108     Deposit services                                522110-2     Trust services                                  522110-3     Other banking services                          522110-4  Savings institutions                    52212  Savings institutions                    522120   Primary services                                  522120-P     Loan services                                   522120-1       Residential real estate         loans, except home equity                   522120-101       Nonresidential real estate         loans                                       522120-102       Home equity loans                             522120-103       Commercial, industrial, and         agricultural loans, except         real estate                                 522120-105       New and used auto and truck         loans                                       522120-106       Other loan services                           522120-108    Deposit services                                 522120-2    Other banking services                           522120-3  Security, commodity contracts and   like activity                         523  Scrty and comdty contracts   intermed and brokerage                5231  Investment banking & securities   dealing                               52311  Investment banking and securities   dealing                               523110   Primary services                                  523110-P     Dealer transactions                             523110-2       Dealer transactions, market         making in over-the-counter         equities                                    523110-201       Dealer transactions, debt         securities and all other         trading                                     523110-202     Investment banking services                     523110-3     Other securities dealing       services                                      523110-4  Securities brokerage                    52312  Securities brokerage                    523120   Primary services                                  523120-P     Brokerage services                              523120-1       Brokerage services,         exchange-listed equities                    523120-101       Brokerage services, all         other securities                            523120-102       Other securities related         services including margin         lending and mutual fund         sales                                       523120-4     Other receipts                                  523120-SM  Portfolio management                    52392  Portfolio management                    523920   Primary services                                  523920-P     Mutual fund management                          523920-1     Private portfolio management                    523920-2  Investment advice                       52393  Investment advice                       523930   Primary services                                  523930-P     Investment advice                               523930-1  Insurance carriers and related   activities                            524  Insurance carriers                      5241  Direct life/health/medical   insurance carriers                    52411  Direct life insurance carriers          524113   Primary services                                  524113-P     Life insurance policies                         524113-1       Individual life insurance         policies                                    524113-101         Term life insurance           policies                                  524113-10101         Whole life insurance           policies                                  524113-10102         Universal life insurance           policies                                  524113-10103         Other individual life           insurance policies                        524113-10104       Group life insurance policies                 524113-102     Annuities                                       524113-2       Variable deferred         annuities                                   524113-201       Fixed-rate deferred         annuities                                   524113-202       Immediate annuities                           524113-203     Disability insurance policies                   524113-3  Direct health and medical   insurance carriers                    524114   Primary services                                  524114-P     Medical service plans                           524114-1       Comprehensive medical service                 524114-101         plans         Group managed care medical                  524114-10101           service plans         Group fee-for-service                       524114-10102           medical service plans         Individual comprehensive                    524114-10103           medical service plans       Non-comprehensive medical         service plans                               524114-103         Dental service plans                        524114-10301         Supplemental Medicare           service plans                             524114-10302         Other medical service plans                 524114-10303     Health insurance                                524114-2  Other direct insurance carriers         52412  Direct property and casualty   insurers                              524126   Primary services                                  524126-P     Private passenger auto       insurance                                     524126-1     Homeowner's insurance                           524126-2     Commercial auto insurance                       524126-3     Non-auto liability insurance                    524126-4       Medical malpractice insurance                 524126-402     Product and other non-auto       liability insurance                           524126-403     Commercial multiple peril       insurance                                     524126-5     Worker's compensation insurance                 524126-6     Other property and casualty       insurance                                     524126-7  Insurance agencies and brokerages       52421  Insurance agencies and brokerages       524210   Primary services                                  524210-P     Sale of property and casualty       insurance                                     524210-1       Sale of personal property         and casualty insurance                      524210-101       Sale of private passenger         auto insurance                              524210-10101       Sale of homeowner's insurance                 524210-10102       Sale of other personal         property and casualty         insurance                                   524210-10103     Sale of commercial property       and casualty insurance                        524210-102   Sale of life insurance and     annuities                                       524210-2   Sale of health and medical     insurance                                       524210-3     Sale of other insurance                         524210-4   Other receipts                                    524210-SM  Lessors of nonres bldg (exc   miniwarehouse)                        53112  Lessors of nonresidential buildings     531120   Primary services                                  531120-P     Lessors of shopping centers and       retail stores                                 531120-1       Leasing of open shopping         centers                                     531120-104       Leasing of enclosed shopping         centers                                     531120-105     Lessors of professional and       office buildings                              531120-2     Lessors of manufacturing and       industrial buildings                          531120-3     Lessors of other nonresidential       buildings and facilities                      531120-7  Lessors of miniwarehouse and self   storage units                         53113  Lessors of miniwarehouses and   self-storage units                    531130   Primary services                                  531130-P     Leasing of miniwarehouses and       self-storage units                            531130-1   Other receipts                                    531130-SM  Offices of real estate agents and   brokers                               5312  Offices of real estate agents and   brokers                               53121  Offices of real estate agents and   brokers                               531210   Primary services                                  531210-P     Real estate brokerage,       residential property sales       and rental                                    531210-1     Real estate brokerage,       nonresidential property sales       and rental including land       sales and rental                              531210-6  Real estate property managers           53131  Residential property managers           531311   Primary services                                  531311-P     Residential property managers                   531311-1   Other receipts                                    531311-SM  Nonresidential property managers        531312   Primary services                                  531312-P     Nonresidential property managers                531312-1  Offices of real estate appraisers       531320   Primary services                                  531320-P     Offices of real estate       appraisers                                    531320-1  Automotive equipment rental and   leasing                               5321  Passenger car rental and leasing        53211  Passenger car rental                    532111   Primary services                                  532111-P     Standard passenger car rental                   532111-2       Passenger car rental for         business travel                             532111-211       Passenger car rental for         leisure travel                              532111-221     Replacement passenger car rental                532111-3   Other receipts                                    532111-SM  Truck, utility trailer and RV   rental and leasing                    53212  Truck, utility trailer and RV rental   and leasing                           532120   Primary services                                  532120-P     Truck rental                                    532120-1     Truck leasing                                   532120-4     Truck tractor rental and/or       leasing                                       532120-5     Truck trailer, utility trailer,       and RV rental and/or leasing                  532120-6   Other receipts                                    532120-SM  Other heavy machinery rental and   leasing                               532412   Primary services                                  532412-P     Construction equipment rental       and leasing                                   532412-1     Oilfield and well drilling       equipment rental and leasing                  532412-2   Other receipts                                    532412-SM  Legal services                          5411  Offices of lawyers                      54111  Offices of lawyers                      541110   Primary services                                  541110-P     Corporate legal services                        541110-1     Real estate legal services                      541110-2     Civil negligence legal services                 541110-3       Defendant representation                      541110-301       Plaintiff representation                      541110-302     Banking and commercial legal       services                                      541110-4     Insurance legal services                        541110-5     Wills, estate planning, and       probate                                       541110-6     Other legal services                            541110-7  Offices of certified public   accountants                           541211   Primary services                                  541211-P     Other accounting services                       541211-A     Financial auditing                              541211-4     Tax preparation and planning                    541211-5     Bookkeeping and compilation                     541211-9   Other receipts                                    541211-SM  Other accounting services               541219   Primary services                                  541219-P     Other accounting services       (non-CPA firms)                               541219-1  Architectural, engineering and   related services                      5413  Architectural services                  54131  Architectural services                  541310   Primary services                                  541310-P     Residential dwelling       architecture                                  541310-1     Commercial and industrial       architecture                                  541310-2     Public and institutional       facility architecture                         541310-3     Architectural advisory and       predesign services                            541310-5     Other architectural services                    541310-6   Other receipts                                    541310-SM  Engineering services                    54133  Engineering services                    541330   Primary services                                  541330-P     Building-related engineering                    541330-1     Nonbuilding-related engineering                 541330-2   Other receipts                                    541330-SM  Management and technical consulting   services                              5416  Management consulting services          54161  Management consulting services          541610   Primary services                                  541610-P     Administrative and general       management consulting services                541610-1     Human resources and executive       search consulting services                    541610-2       Executive search consulting         services                                    541610-21       All other human resources         consulting services                         541610-22     Marketing consulting services                   541610-3     Process, physical distribution       and logistics consulting       services                                      541610-4     Other management consulting       services                                      541610-8   Other receipts                                    541610-SM  Advertising agencies                    54181  Advertising agencies                    541810   Primary services                                  541810-P     Advertising creative services                   541810-1       billed separately                             541810-1     Advertising placement services,       including bundled placement       and creative services                         541810-2     Other advertising services       billed separately                             541810-3   Other receipts                                    541810-SM  Employment services                     5613  Employment placement agencies           56131  Employment placement agencies           561310   Primary services                                  561310-P     Contingency payment recruiting                  561310-1       Information technology                        561310-111       Engineering, manufacturing,         and technology                              561310-121       Accounting and financial                      561310-131       Sales and marketing                           561310-141       Operations, administration,                   561310-151         and human resources       Other occupations                             561310-161     Internet recruiting services                    561310-2   Other receipts                                    561310-SM  Temporary help services                 56132  Temporary help services                 561320   Primary services                                  561320-P     Office and clerical occupations                 561320-1     Light and heavy industrial       occupations                                   561320-2     Technical and professional       occupations                                   561320-3     Medical personnel occupations                   561320-4     Other temporary help supply       services                                      561320-5   Other receipts                                    561320-SM  Employee leasing services               56133  Professional employer organizations     561330   Primary services                                  561330-P     Co-employment staffing                          561330-1  Travel agencies                         56151  Travel agencies                         561510   Primary services                                  561510-P     Airline arrangements                            561510-1       Domestic flights                              561510-111         Business domestic airline           bookings                                  561510-11101         Leisure domestic airline           bookings                                  561510-11102       International flights                         561510-112         Business international           airline bookings                          561510-11201         Leisure international           airline bookings                          561510-11202     Other travel arrangements,       except airline                                561510-2       Hotel and car rental bookings                 561510-211       Cruise and tour bookings                      561510-222       Other travel arrangements and         service fees                                561510-233   Other receipts                                    561510-SM  Security guards and patrol services     561612   Primary services                                  561612-P     Security guards and patrol       services                                      561612-1  Janitorial services                     56172  Janitorial services                     561720   Primary services                                  561720-P     Nonresidential cleaning services                561720-3     Residential cleaning services                   561720-4   Other receipts                                    561720-SM  Waste collection                        5621  Waste collection                        56211  Solid waste collection                  562111   Primary services                                  562111-P     Solid waste collection                          562111-2   Other receipts                                    562111-SM  Computer training                       61142  Computer training                       611420   Primary services                                  611420-P     Computer training                               611420-1   Other receipts                                    611420-SM  Offices of physicians                   6211  Offices of physicians                   62111  Offices of physicians, except   mental health                         621111   Primary services                                  621111-P     One and two physician practices       and single specialty group       practices                                     621111-4       General/family practice                       621111-411       Internal medicine                             621111-412       General surgery and other         surgical specialties                        621111-413       Pediatrics                                    621111-414       Obstetrics/gynecology                         621111-415       Other specialty                               621111-419     Multispecialty group practice                   621111-5  Medical and diagnostic laboratories     6215  Medical and diagnostic laboratories     62151  Medical laboratories                    621511   Primary services                                  621511-P     Medical laboratory services                     621511-2  Diagnostic imaging centers              621512   Primary services                                  621512-P     Diagnostic imaging services                     621512-4  Home health care services               6216  Home health care services               62161  Home health care services               621610   Primary services                                  621610-P     Public payors                                   621610-3       Medicare payors                               621610-31       Non-Medicare public payors                    621610-32     Private payors                                  621610-4   Other receipts                                    621610-SM  All other ambulatory health care   services                              62199  Blood and organ banks                   621991   Primary services                                  621991-P     Human blood services                            621991-1       Human red blood and whole                     621991-12         blood services       Human blood plasma services                   621991-13       Human blood platelet and other         blood services                              621991-14     Human organ, bone, tissue, and       other bank services                           621991-2   Other receipts                                    621991-SM  Hospitals                               622  General medical and surgical   hospitals                             6221  General medical and surgical   hospitals                             62211  General medical and surgical   hospitals                             622110   Primary services                                  622110-P     Diseases and disorders of the       nervous system                                622110-101     Diseases and disorders of the       ear, nose, mouth, and throat                  622110-103     Diseases and disorders of the       respiratory system                            622110-104     Diseases and disorders of the       circulatory system                            622110-105     Diseases and disorders of the       digestive system                              622110-106     Diseases and disorders of the       hepatobiliary system and       pancreas                                      622110-107     Diseases and disorders of the       musculoskeletal system and       connective tissue                             622110-108     Diseases and disorders of the       skin, subcutaneous tissue       and breast                                    622110-109     Endocrine, nutritional and       metabolic diseases and       disorders                                     622110-111     Diseases and disorders of the       kidney and urinary tract                      622110-112     Diseases and disorders of the       male reproductive system                      622110-113     Diseases and disorders of the       female reproductive system                    622110-114     Pregnancy, childbirth and the       puerperium                                    622110-115     Newborns and other neonates with       conditions originating in       the perinatal period                          622110-116     Diseases and disorders of the       blood and blood forming       organs and immunological       disorders                                     622110-117     Myeloproliferative diseases and       disorders and poorly       differentiated neoplasms                      622110-118     Infectious and parasitic       diseases                                      622110-119     Alcohol/drug use and alcohol/       drug induced organic mental       disorders                                     622110-122     Injury, poisoning and toxic       effects of drugs                              622110-123     Factors influencing health       status and other contacts with       health services                               622110-125     Multiple significant trauma                     622110-126     Human immunodeficiency virus       infections                                    622110-127     Other diseases and disorders                    622110-128   Other receipts                                    622110-SM  Psychiatric and substance abuse   hospitals                             6222  Psychiatric and substance abuse   hospitals                             62221  Psychiatric and substance abuse   hospitals                             622210   Primary services                                  622210-P     Psychiatric hospitals                           622210-3  Other specialty hospitals               6223  Other specialty hospitals               62231  Other specialty hospitals               622310   Primary services                                  622310-P      Specialty, except psychiatric        and substance abuse,        hospitals                                    622310-6  Nursing care facilities                 6231  Nursing care facilities                 62311  Nursing care facilities                 623110   Primary services                                  623110-P     Public payors                                   623110-1     Private payors                                  623110-3   Other receipts                                    623110-SM  Residential mental retardation   facilities                            62321  Residential mental retardation   facilities                            623210   Primary services                                  623210-P     Residential mental retardation       services                                      623210-1     Amusement and theme parks           7131  Amusement and theme parks               71311  Amusement and theme parks               713110   Primary services                                  713110-P     Amusement and theme park       admissions                                    713110-1     Amusement and theme park food       and beverage sales                            713110-2     Amusement and theme park       merchandise sales, games,       and other services                            713110-3   Other receipts                                    713110-SM  Golf courses and country clubs          71391  Golf courses and country clubs          713910   Primary services                                  713910-P     Membership dues and fees                        713910-1     Greens and guest fees                           713910-2     Food and beverage sales                         713910-3     Equipment rentals and all other       golf services                                 713910-4   Other receipts                                    713910-SM  Fitness and recreational sports   centers                               71394  Fitness and recreational sports   centers                               713940   Primary services                                  713940-P     Fitness and recreational       facility memberships                          713940-1     Recreational facility       admissions, classes, and other        fitness center services                      713940-2   Other receipts                                    713940-SM  Accommodation                           721  Accommodation                           7211  Hotels (exc casino hotels)   and motels                            72111  Hotels and motels, except   casino hotels                         721110   Primary services                                  721110-P     Guestroom rental                                721110-1       Limited service hotels and         motels                                      721110-101       Full service hotels and motels                721110-102       Luxury and resort hotels,         excluding casino hotels                     721110-103     Food and beverages                              721110-2       Food and nonalcoholic         beverages                                   721110-201       Alcoholic beverages                           721110-202     Other guest services                            721110-4   Other receipts                                    721110-SM  Casino hotels                           72112  Casino hotels                           721120   Primary services                                  721120-P     Casino hotel guestroom rental                   721120-1     Food and beverages                              721120-2       Food and nonalcoholic         beverages                                   721120-201       Alcoholic beverages                           721120-202     Other guest services                            721120-4     Casino gaming receipts                          721120-5   Other receipts                                    721120-SM  Commercial machinery repair and   maintenance                           8113  Commercial machinery repair and   maintenance                           81131  Commercial machinery repair and   maintenance                           811310   Primary services                                  811310-P   Other receipts                                    811310-SM  Special indexes  Pharmaceutical preparations by   Rx and OTC                            32541D   Pharmaceutical preparations,     non-prescription                                32541D-OTC   Pharmaceutical preparations,     prescription                                    32541D-RX  General medical and surgical            62211A   hospitals by payor type   Medicare patients                                 62211A-2   Medicaid patients                                 62211A-4   All other patients                                62211A-6  Premiums for property and casualty   insurance (3)                         924126   Primary services                                  924126-P     Premiums for private passenger       auto insurance                                924126-1     Premiums for homeowner's       insurance                                     924126-2     Premiums for commercial auto       insurance                                     924126-3     Premiums for non-auto liability       insurance                                     924126-4       Premiums for medical         malpractice insurance                       924126-402       Premiums for product and other         non-auto liability insurance                924126-403     Premiums for commercial multiple       peril insurance                               924126-5     Premiums for worker's       compensation insurance                        924126-6     Premiums for other property and       casualty insurance                            924126-7        Industry and product (1)          Index        Index                                         base                                                       May                                                     2009 (2)  Beer, wine, and liquor stores           06/00        115. … 

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