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John Edward's televised tragedy seance scrapped. (News and comment).(World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks, 2001)(Brief Article)

In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack, many people have tried to exploit the tragedy for personal and financial gain. Within days, firms began heavily marketing everything from gas masks and antibiotics to flags and guns, using the hysteria and fear to turn a profit. While encouraging Americans to buy flags and new cars profits from patriotism, others try to profit from grief and loss.

Medium John Edward, star of the syndicated show Crossing Over with John Edward, had planned to air a series of seances in which he would supposedly contact those who died in the attacks. Steve Rosenberg, president of domestic television for Studios USA (the producer of Edward's show), had tentatively scheduled the programs to air during the November sweeps period, when audience numbers are of paramount importance. …

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