Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)

Young Chef's Journey from US Coast Guard to Caterer

Byline: Deborah Pankey Daily Herald Food Editor dpankey@dailyherald.com

As a student at Barrington High School Jeramie Campana showed more interest in working on cars and extreme sports like snowboarding and wakeboarding than he did most other things.

With his mind set on a career in law enforcement the 1999 graduate joined the Coast Guard and came out slinging hash, so to speak, instead of a gun.

"They were short-handed in the kitchen and as a newbie I was assigned to wash dishes," Campana, now 30, recalls. "I got the hang of how they did things in the kitchen.

"We were not eating Army rations, we were eating real good food."

After his four-year tour in Traverse City, Mich. …

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