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In Taiwan, US VRAs make 'no sense.' (voluntary restraint agreements, export restrictions)

In Taiwan, US VRAs make |no sense'

Taipei, Taiwan (Word-service Int'l) -- Exhibitors and visitors to the Taipei International Metalworking Machinery Show, held April 4-10, found an industry upgrading production, diversifying markets, and facing difficulties at home. And while exhibitors considered the show successful, they expressed their anxiety about the weakness of the US economy, the continuing VRA that curbs exports to the US, and low visitor turnout.

Held every two years, the show is the main gathering point for Taiwan's metal-working machinery industrialists. A record 280 exhibitors--52 from abroad--spilled over from the Taipei World Trade Center into the China External Trade Relations Agency's exhibition hall at the Sungshan Domestic Airport. …

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