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EMO in Paris next month: Germans will dominate booth space; spotlight on rebounding host French industry. (European World Machine-Tool Show)

EMO in Paris next month

IT GOES without saying that the latest in machine-tool and related technology will be on display when EMO, the "European machine-tool exhibition with worldwide participation," opens in Paris for its June 4-12 run.

It is by far the world's largest production-equipment show, with 1.5-million sq ft of display area. Some 1600 exhibitors from 35 countries will show their hardware. And with the well-established European tradition of dividing up the floor space into theme-related pavilions of the type seen at the American IMTS in its last several runs, it actually becomes equivalent to several specialized shows: a grinding-machine show, a pressworking exhibition, a gear-technology expo, etc. For past EMOS that has meant that competition for the attention of informed showgoers becomes intense, and builders display none but their latest and most eye-catching. This year appears to be no exception.

What is unusual about this upcoming EMO, however, is its timing. Several economic and technological forces have been at work: Western Europe in the 1980s has shaken off most recollections of its long post-World-War-II redevelopment period and emerged strong and competitive. The countries of Eastern Europe coming out of years of communist doldrums yearn for the most part to hop onto that bandwagon but face staggering problems. And the long-awaited Single European Market will start to be implemented at the end of 1992. …

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