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Grass-roots tool management: these are some of the steps to bring the tool cribs into better order before you computerize.

Grass-roots tool management

AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT of any tool control system is the organization of the tool-storage area. This represents a controlled space for tools, fixtures, hardware, gages and equipment spare parts.

Many computerized tool-management system (TMS) developers have assumed that you already have a toolcrib and most of the tools you wish to control are already there. You are simply replacing a manual Kardex-type system with a computer-based one. A common TMS recommendation, is to collect all of the issued tools from the floor (such as the machine areas) and return them to the toolcrib, because crib personnel now have a computer system to aid in their item tracking and use. Until you have sold the concept to the employees, you have a tough battle to win.

A good tool-control plan starts with objectivity and communication and finally, the selection of employees to champion its implementation. …

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