American Machinist

Axle production rides on microfinishing systems.(Case books)

DAIMLER CHRYSLER'S DETROIT AXLE PLANT NEEDED TO upgrade axle production. The project involved improving axle-shaft quality, making the process more operator friendly, containing coolant, and eliminating unintended downtime. All this, the automaker accomplished by replacing eight aging finishing machines with two new 2-spindle microfinishing systems from Impco Machine Tools.

The systems are Model 1040XEs, which remove the effects of grinder chatter, improve circular geometry, and create a no-lead microscratch finish on pins and shafts. This results in a perfect seal between rotating components--a condition vital in most pumps, compressors, and transmissions.

At the plant, the 1040XEs microfinish bearing seal diameters on forged steel axle shafts for a 30% improvement in circular geometry. …

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