American Machinist

From our victory, some lessons. (Persian Gulf War) (editorial)

As we cheer our troops returning from their stunning success in Kuwait and Iraq, let's see if we can take some of what we learned from their strategies and apply them here at home.

Before the shooting began, several experts fed us woeful predictions of a long and costly war that would grind the nation into paralysis. Come to think about it, they sounded a lot like those forecasting gloom for our manufacturing industries. Finding in the victory lessons that can be used in the business arena will no doubt enrage the so-called experts who were so wrong. So let's took:

RAINING. Images of America's young people as unskilled and unmotivated just don't cut it anymore. Quite the contrary: Operation Desert Storm showed how effectively they can perform complex jobs under conditions of stress and unfamiliar surroundings. …

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