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Shop makes its mark in dentistry. (Case books).

ONE MIGHT NOTICE SCI-DENT INC.'S HANDIWORK while sitting in a dentist's chair. The dental and surgical instrument-manufacturing company makes, among other things, Scalersand curettes used to clean teeth. To mark these instruments with such things as part numbers and customer logos, the Hamburg, N.Y., shop uses a laser system.

Curette diameters range from 0.218 to 0.375 in. with marking lengths of about 1.5 in. Prior to its laser marking system, Sci-Dent used a stamping press. It was fast, but setting it up wasn't. On top that, the shop couldn't use the press for hollow-handle instruments, so they etched them, which wasn't cosmetically appealing.

"We needed a fast and constant mark," says Jason Boyle, manufacturing engineer at Sci-Dent, "and the ability to mark multiple parts in one setup. …

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