American Machinist

Injured pipe fitter sues plant owner. (Law & Liability).

BORDEN CHEMICAL INC. HIRED SCHECK MECHANICAL CORP. to perform routine general maintenance in its resin-manufacturing plant. Borden also hired Pinner Electric Inc. and Lyons Electric Co. Inc. to perform electrical work.

Raymond Preze was employed by Scheck as a pipe fitter. On May 5, 1997, Preze was repairing a roof in a pump room when he slipped and fell off a ladder coated with resin, suffering injuries. Preze sued Borden, Pinner, and Lyons, alleging that they were negligent in failing to protect him from the dangerous ladder. He said the ladder belonged to either Pinner or Lyons, and that the electricians knew that Scheck employees routinely used Pinner or Lyons ladders to complete Scheck jobs. …

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