American Machinist

Swap out pallets up to 60X faster than before. (Technology Trends).

A modular-workholding system that uses a vacuum to hold special templated plates or pallets dramatically cuts setup time--from an average 30 min to 30 sec, reports manufacturer Datron Dynamics Inc., Milford, N.H. Users of the Quick-Pallets system simply place pallets on a machining bed, where they are keyed to a fixed position and secured.

Changeover is simple. Users remove a pallet, sweep the surface, and install another one. No tooling or clamping is necessary, and the whole process takes only about 15 sec. For additional timesavings, users set up parts on Quick-Pallets outside of the machine and switch them out.

To ensure X, Y, Z-location repeatability, Quick-Pallets are registered using a beveled-boss in cavity system. …

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