American Machinist

Coming up fast. (Technology Trends).

IN THE HIGH-SPEED WIRE-EDM RACE, the Agiecut Progress is the machine to beat, says its manufacturer, Agie, Lincolnshire, Ill. Reportedly, it cuts between 350 and 560 [mm.sup.2]/min and does so using standard brass wire.

According to Jon Dobosenski, technical manager at Agie, the Progress' speed spans a wider spectrum of part thicknesses up to 150 mm as compared to most other EDMs. What makes this possible is a new generator called Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) featuring a power module for high-speed cutting.

The IPG monitors 30 million instructions/sec in the work zone to respond quickly to changing gap conditions. A disruption in the optimum current level triggers the generator to automatically adjust itself to prevent wire breakage. …

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