American Machinist

Quality to be taken for granted? (editorial)


When was the last time you walked through the lobby of a new [choose one: exposition hall, office building, library, church, assembly factory, college dorm, municipal waste-water-treatment plant] and were not assured that it had won an award for its architecture?

The self-congratulatory maneuvers of architectural firms have become legendary. Some now wonder whether similar practices are fast spreading throughout manufacturing.

THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN a trickle of awards announcements coming in to our offices; mostly they've come from professional societies. Lately that trickle has turned into a running flow, and there's a difference in content. They now are far more likely to cite companies, rather than persons.

To be sure, the SME iS Still presenting its Gold Medal, and the SAE is still handing out its Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Automotive Engineering. …

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