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CAM software helps save lives. (Casebooks).

THE JARVIK 2000 LEFT-VENTRICULAR-ASSIST DEVICE (LVAD) is the result of one researcher s vision and tenacity, supported by his skill in CAD design and his associates' CAM/CNC craftsmanship. From the LVAD development stage, Dr. Robert K. Jarvik benefited from rapid prototypes made accurate and easy with the appropriate CAM software.

About the size of a C-cell battery, the Jarvik 2000 uses a valveless, electrically powered axial flow pump that fits directly into the left ventricle of the heart to continuously pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

"We started to use Mastercam by CNC Software 15 years ago," says Jarvik. "We had been modeling impeller blades for the LVAD and tracing them with 3D pantographs running a tool to cut the blades. …

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