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Hybrid CMM makes multiple sense: new coordinate measuring machine is built for multisensing. (Quality).

Multiple-sensing coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) typically evolve by adding other sensing capabilities to a machine originally designed for a single sensor. For instance, some traditional touch-probe-based CMMs are using video sensors. Such machines usually do not get the best performance from the add-on sensors. But now, one metrology company offers a multisensor CMM specifically designed to accommodate multiple sensing technologies.

The Smartscope Quest Series Model 650 CMM from Optical Gaging Products (OGP) Inc. in Rochester provides optical, contact, and laser-scanning capabilities through the integration of common sensing devices. These include telecentric zoom lenses, video, touch-trigger probes, contact-scanning probes, through-the-lens on-axis coaxial lasers, and off-axis triangulation lasers. Other devices include microprobing sensors, low-contact-force probes, and white-light probes. The machine lets shops do most measurements of a part on one machine with a single setup. Not only does this save time, it eliminates the need to purchase several different types of measurement machines. And operators need only learn one software.

Bill Gilman, OGP vice president of North American sales, says the Quest 650 is a step toward providing shops with a single measurement machine for most measuring needs. …

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