American Machinist

Elastomer films bag composites. (CR&M's TFN 357 and TFN 107 films)

Elastomer films bag composites Thermoset composite components are set to shape and cured by bagging ply layups on a mold, drawing a vacuum between the bag and layup, and applying heat and pressure in an autoclave. Typically, nylon film has been used for the vacuum bag but, being somewhat rigid, has posed problems in not readily conforming to sharp contours, necessitating considerable bagging time.

A new copolyester thermoplastic-elastomer film, TFN 357, developed by CR&M (Chelmsford, Mass), is said to be more conformable and is finding industry acceptance. It's only one-third as rigid as nylon, starts to yield at 100% elongation and continues yielding smoothly at no additional load to 1000%, reported David A. …

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