American Machinist

Testing NC modules' pocketing routines. (numerical control pocket-milling)

Testing NC modules' pocketing routines Most NC software programs contain a module for the automatic preparation of NC instructions for the removal of material from pockets by milling. Many automatic pocket-milling routines fail to clean out all the material or gouge material. The failures stem from several causes, both arithmetic and algorithmic. Kenneth Preiss of Ben Gurion Univ of the Negev, Israel, presented these tests for 2 1/2 dimension automatic pocketing in "Quality Evaluation of NC Modules for Automatic Mill Pocketing" at AutoFact '90> the paper is in the conference proceedings.

Pockets that appear simple and are based on planes, cylinders, and spheres will still have offsets to faces for pocketing that intersect in very complex ways. …

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