American Machinist

New coated cermet insert is available. (Mitsubishi Materials Corp.'s UP35N)

New coated cermet insert is available The coating of cemented carbides with hard materials such as titanium nitride, titanium carbide, and/or alumina is commonplace and these carbides dominate the carbide-insert market. Cermets, principally composed of titanium carbide/titanium nitride, are gradually being introduced for moderate speed and finish-turning operations, and have not previously been thought to require coatings. Until recently, there has been no commercially available coated-cermet insert grade and there has been almost no technical literature on the theory or practice of coating cermet inserts.

Mitsubishi Materials Corp (Garden Grove, Calif) has introduced what it believes to be the first coated-cermet grade in the world, UP35N, for turning steel at low to moderate cutting speed. …

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