American Machinist

$6.6 M judgment reversed. (Law & Liability).

IN 1997, H.R.H. METALS INC., A dealer in scrap metal, contracted with Vulcan Materials Co. to buy and remove three buildings located at Vulcan's Dolcito Quarry in Jefferson County, Ala. H.R.H. agreed to pay Vulcan for the steel it removed, and Vulcan agreed to pay H.R.H. to remove other materials, including asbestos. The Vulcan-H.R.H. contract required H.R.H. to make sure that all employees and subcontractors had had all required safety training.

H.R.H. sold one of the buildings, called the bag house, to Miller Machine Co., which agreed to take down and remove the building. Carl Miller, an employee of Miller Machine, was dismantling the bag house when he stepped through a skylight and fell 20 ft. …

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