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Add 5-axis capabilities to waterjet systems. (Technology Trends).

ORIGINAL OWNERS OF OMAX waterjet systems can upgrade their machines at no cost with new Intelli-Max software. According to Omax, Kent, Wash., the software boosts cutting speeds anywhere from 15% to 200%. In addition, the company is also offering another upgrade that provides 5-axis capability for taper removal.

In all, Omax has incorporated over 25 new features in the Intelli-Max Technology Suite, including Intelli-Corner, which automatically calculates and compensates for square corners; Intelli-Pass, a time-savings feature for corner cutting that improves precision; and Intelli-Pierce, a dynamic piercing capability that speeds piercing operations.

The software suite also features Intelli-Taper for taper control; Intelli-Nest array-nesting software; Intelli-Gear for gear-profile generation; and Omax 3D Path Editor, which allows programming of the Z axis to follow contours or avoid obstacles. …

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