American Machinist

On-line bargain basement: well-know website expands into the realm of manufacturing equipment. (E-Commerce).

For one electronics contractor, a website helped it stock its entire facility with machines and disposable tooling at a savings of up to 90% off manufacturer prices. Another company completely equipped its machine shop at pennies on the dollar as compared to retail. And for a third company selling industrial supplies, posting products on-line netted an additional $3 million in sales.

Most associate eBay as an auction site for such things as sports memorabilia, autographed merchandise, and other collectibles. But the site's new eBay Business section is gaining popularity among companies as an on-line marketplace for business-related products, including those used in manufacturing.

According to Greg Smith, president of DDTI, eBay Business has allowed his company to change the focus of its business. The Gainesville, Ga., company was originally an electronics contractor that designed prototypes for OEMs. But one of its customers wanted both design and manufacturing services on a project, so Smith went shopping for equipment. …

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