American Machinist

Spray-on tooling machine. (Machine of the Month).

THE MODEL 88 RAPID-TOOLING machine is said to produce forging, die casting, and injection-mold tooling faster than any other process. It not only produces a 40-1b tool in 2 hr but also reduces material costs by 80% to 90% and eliminates typical toolmaking operations such as machining, benching, polishing, and engraving.

At the heart of the Model 88 is the Rapid Solidification Process (RSP) developed at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory. RSP tooling is a spray-forming technology that creates a pattern transfer from a castable ceramic, typically alumina or fused silica.

The Model 88 takes this ceramic and sprays small droplets of molten tool steel (or other alloys) on it, forming a thick deposit. …

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