American Machinist

The race is on. (Technology Trends).

A new series of machines has claimed the pole position in the high-speed-wire-EDM race with cutting rates of up to 47 [in..sup.2]/hr. But just as noteworthy is that these machines run at a lower operating cost than other high-speed EDM equipment.

Typically, the faster the wire EDM, the more it costs to operate. Power supplies suck above-normal amounts of electricity, filter lives are short-lived, power feeders wear more quickly, and the necessary wire costs more. However, Mitsubishi's FA-V series of wire EDMs includes innovations for increasing speed and lowering operating costs to about $5.50/hr--as compared to as much as $10.00/hr for other high-speed systems.

FA-V EDMs get their quickness from the ultrahigh-speed, full-time anti-electrolysis V500 power supply that performs 2. …

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