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Elastik AD.(Bulgaria)

 Company Name        Elastik AD Alternative Names   Elastik JSC; Elastik PLC; Elastic AD; Elastic JSC; Date Established Corporate History   April 17, 1989--The Chavdar footwear factory in                     Svetovrachene, near Sofia in southwestern Bulgaria,                     is spun off from footwear enterprise Pirin Sofia,                     restructured into a state-owned company and                     renamed DF Elastik.                     Oct 18, 1996--Elastik is restructured into a joint                     stock company, wholly-owned by the state.                     1996-1997--A total 8.75% in Elastik is privatised                     via mass privatisation.                     Feb 8, 1999--Elastik delists from the Bulgarian                     Stock Exchange (Stock symbol: ELAST).                     Dec 8, 1999--Bulgaria's Privatisation Agency sells                     51% in Elastik to the management-employee buyout                     company Elastik 2000 AD for USD 467,813. Of the                     total, 10% is paid for in cash at the signing of                     the contract, 45% is to be paid for in cash in                     equal annual installments over a ten-year period,                     and 45% is to be paid in non-cash instruments,                     such as compensatory notes and investment vouchers. Headquarters        1252 Svetovrachene, Sofia Municipality, Sofia,                     Bulgaria Tel:                +359 2 996 35 21 E-mail:    Fax:                +359 2 996 43 36 URL:                N/A Company Overview    Elastik AD is a Bulgarian footwear manufacturer.                     It specialises in the production of shoe soles and                     adhesives. … 

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