Flower Power.(Buyers guide)

Byline: Repinski, Karyn

Flower Power

These botanical beauties put the bloom back into aging skin

By Karyn Repinski

These days, skin care is coming up roses--and daffodils, cornflowers, and echinacea. That's because their petals, stems, bulbs, and oils are the cures for myriad complexion concerns.

Feverfew | Reduces Redness

Named for its traditional use as a fever reducer, this daisylike flower is a proven anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, ideal for soothing sensitive skin and reducing redness--both of which become more common after age 35. Studies on people with sensitive skin found significant improvement in redness, irritation, and roughness after applying a product with feverfew twice daily. It's so good at calming skin that Jessica Wu, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California Medical School, has patients with sensitive skin use it to minimize the dryness and scaliness caused by age-erasing retinoids. …

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