American Journal of Law & Medicine

Protecting American Health Care Consumers.(Book Review)

Eleanor DeArman Kinney, Protecting American Health Care Consumers (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2002): 278 pp., ISBN 0-8223-2876-3 (hardback), $42.95.

Eleanor Kinney's book, Protecting American Health Care Consumers, addresses the most pressing issues presented by America's healthcare system. How do we ensure access to health insurance and to healthcare services? How do we protect the quality of healthcare? And, how do we control its cost? Experts in health services research, economics, politics and policy often struggle with these questions. Health law experts, however, can make important contributions to their resolution, and Professor Kinney does so.

Professor Kinney approaches these issues from the perspective of a lifetime of work in the field of administrative law. She brings to the topic of protecting the rights of healthcare consumers, therefore, a thorough understanding of the nature and significance of administrative procedure. She also brings an awareness of rulemaking and adjudication; of the range and variety of institutions that can play a role in policy-making and dispute resolution; of the possibilities for consumer involvement in overseeing the delivery and finance of healthcare; and of the importance of procedural and distributional fairness in decisions affecting healthcare. …

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