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Licensing actions: hospital's reasons for revoking a doctor's privileges constituted adequate notice entitling it to immunity - Northeast Georgia Med. Ctr v. Davenport.

Licensing Actions: Hospital's Reasons for Revoking a Doctor's Privileges Constituted Adequate Notice Entitling it to Immunity--Northeast Georgia Med. Ctr v. Davenport(1)--The Supreme Court of Georgia held that the Hospital Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA)(2) neither requires that a hospital's notice for a proposed action provide reasons in a "formal and precise" manner, nor does it mandate that the reasons be limited in number and scope or always be restated in the same terms.(3)

The Executive Committee of Northeast Georgia Medical Center (Hospital) placed Davenport, a doctor with staff privileges, on probation following a recommendation based on several complaints, from the Hospital's Peer Review Committee. Davenport then violated the terms of his probation and the Executive Committee, after several evidentiary hearings, repeatedly decided to revoke his medical staff privileges. …

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