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Consent: Tennessee to follow an objective standard of informed consent -- Ashe v. Radiation Oncology Associates.

Consent: Tennessee to Follow an Objective Standard of Informed Consent--Ashe v. Radiation Oncology Assocs.(1)--The Supreme Court of Tennessee held that the standard to determine informed consent is whether a reasonable person in the patient's position would have consented to the procedure or treatment if adequately informed of all significant risks.(2) The plaintiff, Patricia Ashe, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1988. She underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. However, in 1993, she discovered that the cancer had moved to her lungs. Ashe was referred to the defendant, Dr. Steven Stroup, who prescribed radiation treatment. Subsequently, Ashe sustained radiation myelitis caused by a permanent radiation injury to her spinal cord and was rendered paraplegic. Ashe then brought an informed consent claim against Dr. …

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