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Women's health: religiously affiliated charities must comply with WCEA requirements to offer birth control insurance coverage--Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. v. Superior Court of Sacramento County.(Select Recent Court Decisions)

Women's Health: Religiously Affiliated Charities Must Comply With WCEA Requirements To Offer Birth Control Insurance Coverage Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. v. Superior Court of Sacramento County (1)--The Supreme Court of California held that the Women's Contraception Equity Act ("WCEA") does not violate the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the U.S. and California Constitutions. (2) In 1999, the California legislature enacted the WCEA to eliminate gender discrimination in healthcare benefits. Evidence had shown that women spent a great deal more on healthcare costs during their reproductive years than did their male counterparts. In addition, about 10% of California's commercially insured did not have coverage for prescription contraceptives. The WCEA requires that certain health care plans that include prescription drugs must cover prescription contraceptives. In passing the WCEA, the legislature asserted that the purpose of the law was to reduce discrimination in healthcare benefits. …

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