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Anxiety over net neutrality grips Supercomm; Carriers, vendors at Supercomm express reservations, worry about new FCC proposed rules on net neutrality.

Byline: Brad Reed

CHICAGO - As he took the stage Thursday morning to deliver his keynote address at the Supercomm convention, AT&T Operations

CEO John Stankey said he felt like he was at a "funeral" for the broadband industry.

The reason for this gloomy assessment was today's unanimous vote by the FCC to start a rulemaking process that could result

in a network neutrality rules being codified into law.

"I feel like something sad is going to happen at the FCC today," he said glumly.

Although most companies at this year's Supercomm did not offer such apocalyptic assessments, they did express anxiety or reservations

about how net neutrality could impact their businesses. The big worry from the ISPs' perspective is that the FCC is considering

rules that would bar carriers from favoring certain types of content or applications over others or from degrading traffic

of Internet companies that offer services similar to those of the carriers. …

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