The Boston Herald

'Accidental tourists' have a home after all.

Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore doesn't call his patients addicts or substance abusers. He calls them "accidental tourists," people who have stumbled into addiction and can't find their way out. He doesn't politicize or moralize about this. He says, "In the old days, we say, 'Many roads lead to Rome.' Addiction is like that."

Many roads can take you there. Chronic pain is one. "Try it just once" is another.

Kishore is a primary-care physician whose specialty is addiction. His Brighton office is nothing fancy, put together on a shoestring, more Building 19 than Bloomingdales. But it's busy the day I visit. And notices for things like the "Philosophy Recovery Group" and a "Literature Recovery Group" cover the bare walls. …

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