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How Western Europeans see us.(Opinion Pulse)

People in most Western European nations want to be more independent of the United States. With the exception of attitudes in the Netherlands, support for U.S.-led efforts to fight terrorism is not robust. Views of the United States and President Bush are not very positive, either. But the American people are viewed favorably, and Europeans associate positive qualities such as working hard, and being inventive, with them. Americans are also thought to be violent.

Question: Do you think ...? 
                   The partnership between      Western Europe 
                   the U.S. and Western         should take a more 
                   Europe should remain         independent role 
                   as close as it has been      than in the past 
France                     26%                     73% 
Great Britain              42                      53 
Germany                    39                      59 
The Netherlands            43                      50 
Spain                      40                      59 
Question: Which of the following phrases comes closer 
to your view? … 

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