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Treasures amidst the trash.(children television programs in Canada)

Television ... that Medusa which freezes a billion people to stone every night--Ray Bradbury

If ever they defrost and re-animate the head of Walt Disney, it will be greeted by a long line of parents who wish to discuss his namesake network's "Tween" programming. Aimed at girls desperate for the day they'll stand around in a shopping mall and conspicuously adjust uncomfortable bra straps, the shows present the usual hip/flip/ironic/rock 'n' roll paradigm as the default position for junior high life. Which, alas, it probably is. Kids don't need the Disney channel to learn Hip; it's in the air, and kids ache to absorb it.

Parents grind their molars over TV's ability to make their children unhappy that they're 12 and a half instead of 13. …

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