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The war on terror: an update.(Opinion Pulse)(Brief Article)(Illustration)

A slight majority of Americans continues to express satisfaction with the way things are going for the United States in the war on terror. Concern about becoming a victim of terrorism has remained fairly steady in the past few years. Today, 38 percent believe they or someone in their family will be subject to a terrorist attack. Two thirds believe it is essential to win the war on terror; just 18 percent say we can co-exist with terrorists. Fifty percent believe we can win this war in five to ten years, while 43 percent say we cannot.


Question: Now, thingking for a moment 
about terrorism, how woried ...? 
Very/somewhat worried that I or 
someone in my family will become a 
victim of terrorism 
        2000 *  24% 
2001 (average)  48 
2002 (average)  39 
2003 (average)  38 
2004 (average)  39 
 2005 (latest)  38 
Note: * This question was asked 
only once in 2000. … 

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