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A dutiful man.(Cinderella Man)(Movie Review)

How, exactly, do you go about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps?

We get an inspiring demonstration of that old adage in Cinderella Man, an unusually forthright movie biography centering on Depression-era boxer Jim Braddock, whose dwindling career saw a surprising late resurgence when winning fights became necessary for putting bread on his family's table.

Cliff Hollingsworth, with help from Akiva Goldsman and Gaby Mitchell, has written a can't-miss narrative that smartly sticks to the facts. Just as the Great Depression settled over America, Braddock's career hit the skids, with injuries and losses piling up insurmountably. Matches became scarce, and Braddock turned, like so many others, to scrounging for work wherever he could find it. …

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