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The two Koreas.(Indicators)(Brief Article)(Illustration)

From the time they were divided in 1950 into communist North (which was originally richer) and capitalist South, the two Koreas have diverged sharply. Free markets, and the cultural modernization and democracy they eventually spawned, have transformed South Korea into a dynamo, while the North has crumbled. Although they were recently two halves of the same country, it's now difficult to conceive of two more different societies.

2004 GDP 
North--$30 billion 
South--$925 billion 
Military Spending as % of GDP 
Major industries 
North--Subsistence farming, military 
       production, mining 
South--Electronics, telecom, auto 
       production, chemicals, 
Internet usage 
North--Internet use is illegal 
South--Leads world in broadband 
North--Practice of religion is illegal 
South--26% Christian; 26% Buddhist; 
       48% none or other 
Sources: Central Intelligence Agency; Reunification 
Ministry of the Republic of Korea. … 

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