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Numbed by Nintendo.(video game addiction in American youth)

My two sons recently entered puberty. There's no better way to gain a firsthand look at the degenerate aspects of modern American culture.

Today's music is mostly lacking in melody, and, at worst, is vile and offensive. The fashion is for boys to wear their pants so baggy that their underwear shows. When I was a kid, I called my father "Sir." My kids have taken to calling me "Dude."

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the modern youth culture is the computer game sensation. This past Christmas, against our better judgment, my wife and I gave our boys the new Nintendo handheld Game Boy--a computer the size of your palm that plays hundreds of arcade games. Now it is omnipresent in our lives: Our sons walk around the house, down the sidewalk, through the mall, even (once) for Holy Communion at church hunched over in a semi-trance. …

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