Unnatural occurrences: shooting undercover for The Cove.(showcase: independent film & video)

The Cove, directed by Louis Psihoyos, was intended as a traditional documentary about the people of Taiji in Japan and their love affair with the dolphins that populate their coastal waters. "But when I got there, a new story emerged," Psihoyos explains.

Psihoyos learned about a natural park in Taiji where, during the late months of the year--"the killing season"--hundreds of dolphins are herded daily into a hidden cove and either sold to amusement parks or butchered in a horrific display of brutality.

To get close enough to document this event without arousing suspicion, several cameras were hidden in the brush just beyond the cove's rocky shores. Psihoyos called in a favor to Kerner Optical to fabricate five fake rock housings for five modified Sony HDR-SR1s that had been hot-rodded at GW Hannaway in Boulder, Colo. …

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