Party Down serves up comedy with Panasonic HPX3000 cameras.(NEWS)


Starz's half-hour comedy series Party Down was shot entirely with AJ-HPX3000 native 1080p P2 HD camcorders. Director of Photography Giovani Lampassi selected the cameras based on both his past work with P2 HD and the aesthetic of the show. "Our shooting style is documentary and handheld, for which we felt the HPX3000 was preferable," he explains. "I've had experience shooting in P2 HD, and I was familiar with the workflow and confident that the HPX3000 wouldn't present any data issues between the camera and post."

Lampassi worked with Panasonic to establish his camera settings: -3 dB for exterior day, 0 dB for interiors and +3 dB at 1250 ISO for exterior night. …

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