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E'net-over-Sonet gaining in metro.

Atlanta - The battle over how to send Ethernet traffic in metropolitan-area networking applications could quickly be coming to a close.

A host of chip and equipment developers unleashed solutions for last week's Supercomm show here that enabled operators to map Ethernet traffic directly over existing Sonet infrastructure products.

Prior to Supercomm, many chip manufacturers unveiled OC-48 and OC-192 framer/mapper products that allow equipment developers to take Ethernet streams and map them over Sonet links.

During the show, several OEMs, including Sycamore, Tellabs, Native Networks, NEC and White Rock, followed suit, showing off modules and platforms that optimize Sonet infrastructure for fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet traffic.

Clearly, the big win here is reuse. "Carriers are asking, 'How do we make Sonet better and cheaper and not do a forklift upgrade?' " said Travis Karr, strategic-marketing manager at PMC-Sierra Inc. Right now, the answer to that question lies in EoS, he added.

New revenue

"In the short term, EoS is the holy grail," said Robert Schwaber, product-marketing manager at TranSwitch Corp. "Carriers can implement it immediately to generate new revenue streams."

For example, Appian Communications (Boxborough, Mass.) demonstrated private-line connections and virtual private networks on its OSAP 4800 and OSAP 1600 boxes. The services behave like private Ethernet rings but traverse the existing Sonet network. …

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